Our Farm

We are a farmstead creamery; we own, milk and care for our milking herd. We are in complete control of the quality and freshness of our milk and therefore can produce the highest quality cheese. We do not buy milk that has to be transported or pasteurized multiple times. Farmstead creamery is the original way of being connected to the land and the product sold from us directly to the customers.We are committed to sustainable farming and never use any herbicides or pesticides. Instead, we build the soil with composting techniques and moving animals around the farm, including pigs, which are fed the whey from cheese production. Nothing is wasted and nothing is ruined on a sustainable farmstead creamery.

Grazing on lush grasses, our pampered herd of Nubian goats and Katahdin sheep were chosen for the high-butterfat content of their milk rather than high volume, and they produce great milk for our cheeses.

On our farm we also raise grass-fed and grass-finished cattle, whey-fed Berkshire pigs, and pastured free-range chickens, ducks, turkeys and geese. As with the goats and sheep, we choose breeds for the quality of their products rather than production quantity.

Our customers appreciate high-quality cheese, and they care about social issues such as the environment, local sourcing of products and the fair treatment of animals. They taste the difference with our products.