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Our Farm, Our Happy Herd, Our Artisan Cheeses for Your Pleasure!

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Our Artisan Cheeses

Our cheeses are made from blended milk from our happy herd of goats and sheep. The goat milk adds that special tang and vibrancy, and the sheep milk brings nuttiness and creaminess. Together they give the cheese complexity and the best of both flavor profiles.

Our cheeses are always best served at room temperature.



A fresh, soft, spreadable cheese, made from our farmstead sheep and goat milk. The sheep milk makes it rich and creamy, while the goat milk provides a nice tanginess. Great in salads, with veggies, and in egg dishes. Hand wrapped in approximately 4-oz portions.
Photo of Biance cheese with Tieton Farm and Creamery label
Bloomy Rind


A bloomy rind packed with flavor. Smooth, spreadable rind. Amazing with fresh crusty bread. Aged 1 to 2 weeks, it is more complex in flavor. Continues to ripen and get more delicious with age.
Photo of Sonnet cheese and cheese knife

Black Pearl

Ash-covered bloomy rind, aged 1 to 2 weeks. The grape leaf ash presents an earthy note to the taste experience. A very fine cheese that will remind you of France.
Photo of Black Pearl cheese with Tieton Farm and Creamery label


A washed rind, soft-ripened, Reblochon-style cheese but made with sheep and goat milk so much more flavorful. Cave aged and full of yumminess. Perfect for all types of parties and beverages. We never get tired of eating this one! Wheels are approximately one pound.
Photo of wedges of our Rheba cheese
Washed Rind


The goddess of washed rinds, this cheese is made with sheep and goat milk, then bathed in cider from Tieton Cider Works, creating a truly local terroir experience.
Photo of a wedge and a round of our Venus cheese


A raw-milk cheese that has been drenched in Yakima Valley wine, specifically, Tempranillo grapes grown at Gilbert Cellars vineyards. Comes in about two-pound wheels.
Photo of wedges of our Tango cheese


Classically Greek Feta made with goats and sheep's milk. Very fresh, soft texture and not too salty. You can taste the milk profile. Vacuum packed or can be sold in brine containers.
Photo of salad with Phoebe,our feta cheese


A Mediterranean cheese that can be grilled. Has a dense texture and a mild and nutty flavor that really pops when grilled. Blended goat and sheep milk. Vacuum packed in multiple sizes.
Photo of halloumi cheese on a grill


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