Our Happy Herd


At Tieton Farm & Creamery, our pampered herd of Nubian goats and Katahdin and East Friesian sheep are lovingly cared for. We know our animals by name; most of them were born right here. We know what they eat, we know how healthy they are, and we know how great their milk is.We started with two goats, Sonnet and Daly, and a year or so later added our first sheep, Ellie. Sonnet and Ellie are still members of our happy herd, which now consists of nearly 30 adult goats and 20 adult sheep, many of them direct descendants of Sonnet and Ellie. In the spring, we can also have as many as 60 kids and 30 lambs on our pastures.

Unlike large-scale commercial creameries and even most farmstead creameries, we use moveable fences to rotate the herd so the animals are on fresh pasture every three days. It’s more work than simply keeping animals in a pen and tossing them some feed, but it’s better for the soil, it’s better for the animals, and it’s better for the milk. And when you taste the cheese, we’re confident you’ll agree that it’s better for the cheese!