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Our Farm, Our Happy Herd, Our Artisan Cheeses for Your Pleasure!

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What's New

  • Our Rheba cheese will be served at The Herbfarm restaurant as part of their Mycologist's Dream Dinner from October 16 to November 2.
  • For the latest updates from the farm, check out our Facebook page.

Our Promise

  • Farmstead: All of our milk comes from our own animals. We know each animal and can ensure the highest quality of every drop of precious milk. Farmstead ensures that we have the freshest milk to be made immediately into cheese. We own the farm, the animals and cheese-making facility.
  • Happy Animals: Free-roaming on lush, grass pastures, our animals are lovingly cared for. We choose breeds high in butter fat content, not high production, to make the best cheese.
  • Artisan Cheeses: Created in small batches using handmade techniques, each batch is unique.
  • Responsible Local Farm: Using sustainable and chemical-free farming practices, we are preserving and enhancing our pasture in the beautiful Yakima Valley in eastern Washington.

What Sets Us Apart

  • We raise our own animals.
  • We pasture our animals, regularly moving them to fresh, yummy greens.
  • We never buy milk from anyone.
  • We never pump milk; it is always hand poured, ensuring high-quality flavor compounds.
  • We never pull our baby animals from their mothers until they are weanable.
  • We source non-GMO feed from local farmers who use sustainable farming practices.
  • We never waste; whey is fed to the pigs and chickens.
  • We are a full-circle farm raising lots of healthy protein with no chemical inputs.
  • We use 'Made in USA' products when possible.
  • We are naturally gluten-free.

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