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Other Pasture Products

Photo of one of our grass-fed cattle with a mouthful of grass

While our focus at Tieton Farm & Creamery is artisan cheese handmade from goat and sheep milk, we also raise a variety of other animals on our pastures, too. This diversity is important for maintaining the health of the soil, and it allows us to offer eggs and meat to individual customers.

Our grass-fed and grass-finished cattle are of the Scottish Highland and Irish Dexter varieties; both are heritage breeds with smaller frames that are highly suitable for grass finishing, and they produce delicious and healthy meat. We generally have around five adult cattle and one or two calves. Also, in addition to our dairy sheep and goats, we raise a small number of sheep and Boer and Boer/Nubian mix goats for meat. Like the cattle, they are grass-fed and grass-finished for superior health and taste. Photo of some of our Berkshire pigs

Our pastured Berkshire pigs feast on the whey created during the cheese-making process. Nothing is wasted on this farmstead! We have three adult pigs; the two sows are pregnant a couple of times a year, and we sell weaner pigs and raise some for meat. Photo of some of our ducks

Our flock of approximately 40 pastured laying hens and 15 ducks produce eggs that are as beautiful to look at as they are delicious to eat; the duck eggs are especially good for baking. In addition we incubate our own heritage breeds of turkeys from our two breeding pairs. The turkeys, along with a few geese, are pasture-raised for our family's table.


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