Our Story

Tieton Farm & Creamery is a small, diverse family farm and dairy that offers farmstead, artisan, handmade cheese using milk from our own herd of grass-fed goats, sheep and cows. Located in the Upper Yakima Valley, we also raise grass-fed beef, lamb and goat, whey-fed pork and free-range chickens, ducks, turkeys and geese. Our farming methods are sustainable, and animal welfare is a priority. We, Ruth and Lori Babcock, owner- farmers, are improving the farm soil each year without chemicals. Our land is healthy, our animals are healthy and our products are delicious!

Our Mission

Create unique cheeses from our healthy and loved animals while protecting the earth for future generations.

Our Vision

All farms will replace the mono-cropping model with a diversity of crops and return the earth to a healthy food-producing system.

What We Promise

Responsible farming: Sustainable and chemical-free farming practices, mindful of any cost to the environment.

Local farmstead: Products made on-site, with our milk. Our animals feast on lush grass pastures in the beautiful Yakima Valley, and their milk is immediately made into cheese.

Happy animals: Grass-fed, free-roaming, healthy animals lovingly cared for. Our breeds are chosen for high butter-fat content, not high production.

Artisanal cheeses: Small batches using handmade techniques. Our motto is quality over quantity!

What Makes Us Better

  • We raise our own animals, and we raise a diversity of plants and animals to support healthy soil.
  • We pasture our animals, moving them to fresh, yummy greens constantly.
  • We never buy milk from anyone. We are responsible for the beginning and end product.
  • We never pump milk; it is always hand poured, ensuring fresh, high-quality flavor profiles.
  • We never pull our baby animals from their moms until they are old enough to wean.
  • We source non-GMO feed from local farmers using sustainable farming practices.
  • We never waste; whey from cheese making is fed to the pigs and chickens, not sent down drains.
  • We are a full-circle farm with no chemical inputs, raising healthy animals and food.
  • We buy local and Made in USA products.